Wright Calibration is a leader in the field of the calibration, repair and maintenance of all makes and models of hardness testers. We go above and beyond the competition with each and every calibration.

Hardness Testers

Hardness Tester Calibration

Included with every hardness tester calibration is:

  • Cleaning of exterior of tester
  • Elevation system cleaning
  • Visual and mechanical inspection of tester and accessories.
  • Customer is notified of the condition of the tester and of any potential issues. The customer can then make an educated decision on whether to fix a reported problem and not risk a potential breakdown. This step can often prevent a breakdown of a tester during regular use and is performed because of the extensive experience of our technician.
  • All scales calibrated as required by customer.
  • Capability to clean and calibrate interior of hardness tester.
  • Certificate conforming to ISO 17025.

For our regular calibration customers we strive to give you a 24 hour response time to any breakdowns or emergencies that may occur.

Hardness Tester Refurbishing Service:

Gives you’re tester a makeover. And you get a complete test head cleaning and calibration.

Refurbishing service includes the following:

Hardness Tester Refurbishing

  • The tester can be shipped or delivered to our warehouse space, or it can be picked by Inspection Services within 100 miles of St. Paul, MN. (Affordable pick up fee applies).
  • Tester will be evaluated, complete disassembly, cleaning and inspection of test head unit. (Customer will then be notified if any parts would need replacing before refurbishing begins)
  • Tester will be cleaned, painted, reassembled and calibrated.
  • Tester would then be delivered, set up and calibrated. (Affordable delivery fees apply.)
  • Certificate of calibration.

Hardness Tester Repair Service:

Most times we can quote the repair and you can have it repaired the same day. There are times when it needs to come to the shop when there are extensive repairs. We make every effort to have your machine back as soon as possible. We know how important this equipment is to your operation

Hardness Tester Before

Hardness Tester Refurbished

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