Starr-Chek Rockwell test blocks

Starr-Chek Rockwell test blocks are calibrated in accordance with A.S.T.M. , ANSI and ISO/IEC, using NIST traceable  reference standards.  Starr-Chek Rockwell test blocks are held to a 30% tighter tolerance than is required by A.S.T.M.  to provide our customers with the most accurate test blocks available.  All blocks are supplied with an ACLASS Certificate of Accreditation.

Brinell Test Blocks:

Starr-Chek gridded brinell test blocks are unique to the testing field. Gridded brinell blocks insure that the spacing requirements of ASTM are fully met. *Assuring conformity to ISO testing requirements.*  Starr-Chek Brinell test blocks are calibrated in accordance with A.S.T.M. and come with a Certificate of Accreditation


Indenters and Calibration Sets

Starr-Chek also provides a full range of certified diamond and ball indenters to accommodate each scale of Rockwell hardness testing. Rockwell calibration test block sets are also available for ultimate accuracy and performance in tester verification. Calibration sets provide the user the assurance that your hardness tester is accurate throughout the entire testing scale.



  • Calibrated to ASTM E18, ANSI, ISO/IEC 17025,
  • Highest quality steel, brass and aluminum
  • Rockwell  and Brinell Test Blocks are certified in our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory
  • NIST traceable long form certificate with every Rockwell test block